Visions in Thread Retrospective Gallery

Monday, 25 November 2013

Cloistered Jewels of Autumn

Symbolic leaves in a range of autumnal colours are scattered over the background, which is covered with a host of grass-like seeds that have fallen from ripe pods. Skeleton leaves and seeds flying on the wind are worked in gilt thread. The stunning colours are viewed from within the warmth of cloistered windows giving a solid framework to nature’s scene.


Thin woven copper shim creates this ancient pot which reveals its secret contents as it is unearthed after a thousand years.

Jewel In The Shell

The jewel colours of the sequins and beads stand out against the richness of the velvet background just as wet shells glisten in the sun.

Love's Sweet Dream

A dreamy coloured background with sweet dreams strewn over. A red lover’s heart completes the dream.

Northumbrian Landscapes

Taken from a set of 9 views of Northumbria and worked in gilt, metallic and silk threads on hand dyed fabric.

Off the rails

The view from the window of a high speed rail journey where images are fleeting and incomplete but where colour gives the lasting impression.


The vibrant red of the poppy stands out in the fields giving a lasting memory.

Roses are red, violets are blue

Roses are red, violets are blue, Sugar is sweet and so are you! Roses are red, violets are blue, You've made all my dreams come true! Roses are red, violets are blue, I feel so lost without you... Roses are red, violets are blue, I never knew love until I found you! Roses are red, violets are blue, Have I mentioned I'm in love with you? Roses are red, violets are blue, I don't want to spend a day without you! Roses are red, violets are blue, My love will always be so true! Roses are red, violets are blue, Thanks for everything we've been through.


Worked on paper coated with gesso and paint. Ethereal yachts sail past with their sails bursting with the wind.

Seed Head

Hand embroidery incorporating paper, acrylic paint, fabric, metal and thread.

Summer Meadow

Handmade felt embellished with stitching. Poppies zing with colour amongst the flowers of the meadow.

Taste of the Orient

The space-dyed background fabric lends itself to areas of land, sea and sky. The mountain tops are topped with snow while pink azaleas blossom in the gardens. At sea the fin of a dolphin can just be seen. Jewelled raindrops fall from sky, splashing as they form puddles in the foreground.


A photograph of tree trunks is printed onto fabric and coated to give it stiffness and shine. The image is then cut into pieces, rearranged and stitched onto a background of marbled canvas, enhanced with pen and stitch.


Inspired by the Aurora Borealis whist holidaying in Finland.

A Rose by another Name

‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ – the description of a sweetheart repeated and repeated until there is no space for thoughts of others. ( From Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare)

Alphabet Sampler

A traditional alphabet sampler worked in copper metal and gold Jap thread.


The meeting of true loves, the gently curving path of romance and the union of love bringing new life to the world.

Cosmic Connections

The background fabric is painted red and blue to represent hot and cold stars. Movement of the stars and the planets are picked out by the silver and red metallic threads.

Digging Through Time

Digging Through Time Debris from past civilisations form layers on top of each other, with each layers hiding something special of the people who lived in those times.


Nothing better than a pleasant stroll in the countryside, but beware - too many feet create havoc with the path.


Communication over the world-wide web. Is it really FACEtime?
Beginning: Broken watches
Ending: Recycling into an emoticon
Design size: 12x12 cm Frame size: 26x26 cm

Rug: Forest Floor

Moss, fallen leaves and the odd twig merge together to form the forest floor

Grid Lines

Even though the individual cells in our bodies have a purpose of their own they connect with each other to form a system that is awe inspiring.

Hard Landscaping

This is a garden where nature and man have both made a contribution to its beauty; a garden where the softness and gentleness of the flower is juxtaposed against the hard brass of human intervention; a garden where nature and man live in harmony.

Hearts in your Hands

The design is from the hands of a couple in love. Their fingers intertwine and create hearts.

Hidden Steps

Rocks carefully placed to make climbing a steep hill easier.

Hill Top View

Climbing to the top of a hill is more than worth it for the view that meets the eyes.

In Duplicate

A duo of twigs – far better than form filling!

I was, I am, I will be

Who I am, is moulded by what I was, and what I will be.
Frame (oak), pale grey, museum grade glass.
Size: 32cm x 36cm

Mountain Pathway

The winding path takes you to the mountain peaks. What views!


An ancient oak tree shows its branches unadorned with leaves.
Beginning: Acorn
Ending: 1400 year old oak tree

Oriental Comfort

The central section of the lap quilt is inspired by traditional symbols associated with embroidery from northern Japan. The quilting patterns compliment both the floral and geometric nature of the designs.
Approx. size 115cm x 115cm.

Pit Prop

Pit Prop This piece is inspired by the patterns found in wood. The sturdiest of logs are used to support the roof of a mine whilst men are working below. Trees that grow slowly provide the strongest wood and are felled to use as pit props. Sawing through the logs reveals the intricate patterns of growth lines. In this piece, the growth lines of a once majestic tree are represented by the couching of gold Jap. The knots in the wood create gentle curving lines giving rise to subtle changes in reflected light.

Star Struck

Eyes only for the stars

Stellar Processes I

At the beginning of their lives young stars emit jets of intense radiation that heat the surrounding matter to the point at which it glows brightly, represented by gold in the embroideries. At the end of their lives the largest stars become red giants before exploding into supernovae represented by the lines of blue thread emanating from a single point.

Stellar Processes II

At the beginning of their lives young stars emit jets of intense radiation that heat the surrounding matter to the point at which it glows brightly, represented by gold in the embroideries. At the end of their lives the largest stars become red giants before exploding into supernovae represented by the lines of blue thread emanating from a single point.

The Dales

Enclosed fields and woods, rocks and cliffs, all contribute to the unique landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.
Approx size 50cm x 50cm; design 41cm x 41cm.

The Hall of the Mountain King

Stalactites glimmer in the half light and amazing rock shapes are a feast the eyes.

The Path of Love

The path of love is seldom in a straight line, but wonderful when you get there.
Glazed. Approx. sizes: frame 25cm x 30cm; design 10cm x 15cm.

The River

Stones covered with moss, lichen and a host of waterside plants speed up or slow down the flow of the river as it goes around bends.
Approx size 50cm x 20cm.

Weather and Landscape

Lots of rain keeps the vegetation bright green while the weather changes. Crops grow in the fields, the sun peeps out from behind clouds and rain creates puddles.

Woven Lives

Lives become intertwined as love bangs at the door.


A design inspired by an 18th century gentleman’s waistcoat in a textile gallery. The gold metal is set off by the luxurious velvet background.

Dry Stone Lichens

Dry stone walls provide a perfect home for a variety of lichens, each having their own colour.