An embroidery to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary based on the waves at sea:

The colours show the passion in a marriage of equals and the grace of a boat sailing through the water.

passion-graceA continuous silver wave represents the love in their marriage that has created a happy family home.

The strong dark line abutting the silver wave reflects the firm foundation of trust and love that continues to give strength to both.

A marriage has its ups and downs. The waves mimic the difficult times that have been overcome by the mutual respect and support in their relationship.

Life is constantly changing and bringing with it new experiences. These are the vibrantly coloured waves with peaks and troughs that sit between the gentle silver curves on which the lettering lies.

The unexpected and sometimes unwanted surprises that have occurred over the years, have made the relationship stronger, just as the unexpected paw prints of Ben have become an integral part of the design. 

The background fabric has been hand dyed in turquoise, mauve and purple, then stitched with words which are representative of life throughout their 25 years together. 

Merged into the background are 2 outlines from their wedding day

Words 'hidden' in the background of the design are some of those things hidden but ever present in their lives together.