The Textile Art of Helen Winthorpe Kendrick

Helen has just set up a wonderful exhibition at the Witham in Barnard Castle, County Durham, called "Air, Earth, Fire and Water".  The exhibition runs from 31 May 2022 - 26 Jun 2022 and is open 10am-4pm Tuesday to Saturday.   In 450 BC the ancient Greeks put forward a theory that everything was made up of air, earth, fire and water. They considered them to be the four essential elements of life and without just one of them, then life could not exist. Everything visible was made up of a combination of these four ‘elements’. They thought that these four elements were also responsible for the temperament of a person.

This exhibition of textile art encompasses themes that are of things both visible and hidden. It is a celebration of life!  You can find further details on the Witham website


Planetary Exploration small

The rest of the web site is a show-case for the work of textile artist Helen Winthorpe Kendrick. Helen enjoys working in a wide variety of media and genres. She has exhibited in many areas througout England. A list of some of her past exhibitions are available for you to look through here.

Some of the work you can see in the main gallery is for sale and if you wish you can contact her through the contacts page.

If you are interested in Helen's book, Stitchopedia, you can find more information here.


The image shown is from "Ripples in Time: Planetary Exploration"









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