The design is influenced by photographs of Holy Island. The background fabric is green brocade with a small ‘spot’ pattern of tiny crosses. Green is the colour used for the season of Trinity in the Church of England.

There are 3 wheat plants to represent the Trinity; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The wheat is couched intertwined cords and japs in a Celtic style, showing the influence on the north east of England.
The plants are of different sizes, from the parable of the sower – some plants grew in better soil than others.
The plants grow out of ‘hillocks’ representing the ploughed fields of the locality and the rocks on the Holy Island coastline.  They are of couched 18ply antique gold twist.
The larger plants on the pulpit fall have their flower heads in filled with beads, to represent the seeds of the Gospel that are sown from within the church.