stitchopediaThis is a concise yet comprehensive reference to decorative embroidery stitches. It starts with a thorough discussion of the different types of materials that can be worked on as well as a discussion of various types of equipment. It then talks about basic techniques, transferring designs, doing your own designs, and how to present finished work. The great bulk of the book however consists of the various stitches and how to do them. They are grouped in sections on blackwork, canvas work, crewel work, hardanger, pulled work, and stumpwork. For all the stitches there are detailed instructions, clear stitch diagrams and accurate detailed colour photographs of the finished stitches as well as examples of the stitches on various textiles. There are also projects included as well as lists of techniques for which the stitches could be used. The book is heavily cross-referenced and it should become an indispensable reference source for everyone interested in embroidery - whether amateur or experienced embroiderer.

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