Embroidery Talks

  1. A Journey through Embroidery
    A look at how embroidery has changed through the centuries, comparing historic pieces with my own embroideries, with the help of slides and a display of work.

  2. Christmas Traditions
    A look at traditions and how they relate to our typical Christmas decorations, particularly in textiles, accompanied by a hands-on time of making a Christmas bauble with a difference

  3. Expressions of Faith
    A look at how Christian meaning or symbolism has been incorporated into both commissioned designs and other work.

  4. The Road from Inspiration to Art
    Most of my work has an underlying meaning. This talk with slides goes through a variety of pieces that I have worked, looking at their interpretation. The talk includes an outline of the design concepts that I have developed and used in my embroideries.

  5. A Whole Load of Holes
    Holes have been created in fabric for decoration for many centuries.  This talk reviews various methods by which this has been acheived and compares the traditional approach with the more contemporary effects.


If you are interested, get in touch with me through the 'Contact Me' button on the web site.